Securing your legacy at 27 Annapolis

27 Annapolis satisfies the needs of growing families. Each unit provides you the space you need to flourish: strong and well-built units that provide a safe and secure community at the heart of the metro.

The Center of Fortune

The daily grind does not often leave room for leisure, but at 27 Annapolis, both fit into your schedule with ease. Commercial business districts, prestigious private schools, and a renowned shopping hub complete the neighborhood, striking a sustainable work-play balance that stands at the Center of Fortune.

A Safe Place

Your family’s safety is just as much our priority as it is yours. Round-the-clock surveillance and community management are paired with the limited number (4 to 8)  of units per floor, guaranteeing privacy and security as well as abundant space for every family.

Luxurious Necessities

Crafted to the highest standards, each residence boasts a timeless yet modern design, with floor-to-ceiling windows to match the expanse of the living area. Moreover, we at 27 Annapolis understand that many of life’s most treasured moments happen at home; tranquil surroundings, the play area, and the swimming pool make for excellent downtime for parents, and equally brilliant childhood memories for the kids.

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